BIENALE VENECIA 2017 European Cultural Center “Personal Structures”



The Artist Isabela Lleó Castells invites you to explore “SEAFOAM” on FRYDAY 12th May from 17.00 to 19.00 at the Giardini Marinessa.




One Archipielag, Balearic Islands, one Island, Mallorca, Five Bronzepieces “SEAFOAM” that reproduce  the movement of the waves.

Is the title for the group of five bronze pieces that Isabela Lleó is presenting in the exhibition “Personal Structures” in Venice Bienale  2017

The archaic mission is to transmit thoughts about water and his movements into the secret emptiness of space. The lines reconsider the complexity of the development of consciousness, so they are similar to the windings of brains and changing forms like seafoam.

The purpose of this installation is to open doors into the collective consciousness about the actual problem of conservation of the earth habitable for future generations and the transmission of culture.