W.I.R. 2020 – Ruhner Land


W.I.R. (We) / Pampin, 12.08.2020

Initiative “der Runde Tisch. Drefahl”  / Ausstellungskonzept + Kurator: Herbert WH. Hundrich

I. / W.I.R.  Dorfkirche in Ziegendorf / Corona Artist’s Documents. 2020                Pastorin Alena Saubert  / Vernisage 05.09.2020                                                                                Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch – Freitag 17 – 19 Uhr / auf Absprache: 0173 3601937 / 038721 29224

MIGRANT WORKERS DISCOURSE Histories. Humanities. Arts and the Pandemic!

Concept, Montages, Text, Editing Amrit Gangar

Editorial Assistance Jay Kholia

Page Layout and Design Jay Kholia and Amrit Gangar

First Edition  June 2020  Revised Edition July 2020 (with addition of three Appendices)


Incognito it stalked, lethal on lungs and lives, the corona virus moved across, visibly taking human lives! In India, the most unprecedented tragedy that occurred was millions of migrant workers were thrown on roads, men, women, children walked hundreds of miles to reach their homes… Pandemic had not pre-set such pitiful predicament for them! Something had gone seriously wrong somewhere else…




LLEÓ, ISABELA Sculptor, Painter, Teacher and Clinical Psychologe

Amrit Gangar posted in his page about the woman in India obliged to leave their houses in the city because of the Coronavirus and rejected at the border of their region after walking 200 or 300 km with the baby and their baggage on the head. I was pushed somehow (by him also) by that vision to start working on this image. This is a work slowly coming out – different expression about women identity, and coronavirus. I left everything behind this summer to understand what is going on globally by immersing myself in the eternal life of imagination, everyday feeling more connected to the spirit of the Earth, of the trees of the simplicity, of lives in the countryside in stillness near to the stars. Hearing the sounds from little birds, from the cosmos.

I had never imagined that the muted sighs of a poor migrant worker woman walking miles upon miles, holding a baby in her arms and a bundle of belongings on her head, would reach and rant in the distance Spanish Mallorca Island, in the studios of the eminent sculptor Isabela Lleo. They are indelible instants of human history, of the pandemic and the pain that a woman could bear! -Amrit Gangar