Is the title for the group of five bronze pieces that Isabela Lleó is presenting in Venice Bienale 2017

The archaic mission is to bring back ancient thoughts about water, their movements into the secret emptiness of space. The lines reconsider the complexity of the development of consciousness, so they are similar to the windings of brains and developing forms like seafoam and winterclouds.

The langage she uses is the abstract language of  nature observation unto the everlasting mathematical structure beneath the visible outcoming.

The purpose of this installation  is to open doors (once more) into the collective consciousness about the actual problem of conservation of the earth and transmission of culture.






Seafoam Bronze Giardinni Marinaressa Bienale Venezia 2017

NAME:                               SEAFOAM                                “WINTERCLOUDS”

CATEGORY                        Instalation     Sculpture

MISSION                            Gravitacional Waves

PURPOSE                           frequencie, transmission

LANGUAGE                       abstract, sublimation simulation of nature

INTENTION                       adquire consciousness for rain, water, climate change

PSYCHOLOGIE                  go inside, synchronization theorie

LOVE CONDITIONS          trust

COMPROMISE                  with the earth and the air

MATERIAL                         Bronce

SIZE                                    5 pieces. The biggest one is 180x40x45cm the littlest is 29x10x12cm